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Unicorn Coloring Pages – Printable

Kids likes fairy tale animals like unicorn coloring pages. We gather some nice printable unicorn colorings pages for kids of all age. If you like normal animals like cat, dog, penguin etc. you can check our other coloring pages below. Have fun!

Unicorn coloring pagesUnicorn coloring pages
Beautiful unicorn headBeautiful unicorn head
Rearing unicornRearing unicorn
Pegasus coloring pagePegasus coloring page
Beautiful pegasus with butterfliesBeautiful pegasus with butterflies
Little cute unicorn coloringLittle cute unicorn coloring
Cute pegasus head coloring pageCute pegasus head coloring page
Unicorn head coloringUnicorn head coloring
Unicorn head printableUnicorn head printable
Flying pegasus coloring pageFlying pegasus coloring page
Running little unicornRunning little unicorn
Line art unicorn coloring pageLine art unicorn coloring page
Pegasus with rainbowPegasus with rainbow
Princess riding unicorn coloringPrincess riding unicorn coloring
Skiing unicornSkiing unicorn
Unicorn space adventureUnicorn space adventure
Fairy tale unicornFairy tale unicorn
Hearth shape unicornHearth shape unicorn
Stylish unicorn with sunglassesStylish unicorn with sunglasses
Unicorn coloring bookUnicorn coloring book
Unicorn coloring pagesUnicorn coloring pages
Dancing unicornDancing unicorn
Unicorn on cloudsUnicorn on clouds
Shiny Unicorn coloringShiny Unicorn coloring
Unicorn and snowmanUnicorn and snowman
Unicorn coloring pageUnicorn coloring page
Unicorn in the gift boxUnicorn in the gift box
Unicorn with hearth wingsUnicorn with hearth wings
Cute unicorn coloringCute unicorn coloring
Unicorn with rainbowUnicorn with rainbow
Cute little unicornCute little unicorn
Shy unicorn coloringShy unicorn coloring
Princess riding unicornPrincess riding unicorn
Cute unicorn coloring pageCute unicorn coloring page
Unicorn wearing hatUnicorn wearing hat
Smiling unicornSmiling unicorn
Dabbing unicornDabbing unicorn
Unicorn with a butterflyUnicorn with a butterfly
Wizard unicorn coloringWizard unicorn coloring
Printable unicorn coloring pagePrintable unicorn coloring page
Unicorn holding a hearthUnicorn holding a hearth
Cute unicorn with flowersCute unicorn with flowers

Unicorn Drawing Tutorial

More About Unicorn Coloring Pages

Unicorn coloring pages are great way to get kids in the mood for learning. There are many unicorn coloring pages that you can print out on our platform, but the best ones are the ones that have a lot of details, and they also include some background information about unicorns.

This page provides you with a list of some of the best unicorn coloring pages for kids to print out. You can click on any of them to access their detailed description and other information. If you want more coloring pages and drawing tutorials for your kids, please check other pages of our site.

What is a Unicorn?

A unicorn is a mythical creature that looks like a horse, with the body of a female and the head of a male. The word unicorn comes from the Latin word unicus which means “single”. Unicorns are mythical, though they may have existed at some point in time. They are mentioned as being very rare and having magical powers. It was considered that the unicorn had magical powers and was said to have horns like a horse with one horn on each side of its head.

The unicorn is most commonly seen as having an elongated horn on its forehead that grows down from its head to its neck. The unicorn’s body is often described as being dark brown, black, or gray with white markings on its back and/or legs and sometimes with patches of white fur. Sometimes unicorns can be blue or green, while others can have stripes running from the top of their heads all the way down their backs. Some unicorns may even be red or yellow in color. When viewed in profile, unicorns’ hooves look like those of horses or goats rather than those of an animal whose hooves would naturally be pointed downward (i.e., cows).

The most common interpretation for the origin of unicorns is that they are horses who were transformed by magic into human form (called human-horses). This interpretation is not unanimous among scholars; some interpret them more generally as “horse-like” beings in general.

We are going to add more unicorns in the coming days, don’t forget to check for more in the coming days. Your kid will love the coloring pages of unicorn. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Have fun!

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