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How to draw a boat – Drawing Tutorial


Here is a challenging draw for you. Learn how to draw a boat in a few single steps. There is also a little animation at the end, try to draw a nice boat 🙂

Boat Drawing Tutorial Steps

To begin drawing a boat, start with the basic shape of the hull. Draw a long, curved line for the bottom of the boat, then draw two more lines that curve up and meet at a point for the front of the boat. From there, draw another curved line that connects the front of the boat to the back of the boat, creating the top of the hull. The hull can be rounded or pointed depending on the type of boat you want to draw.

Next, add details to the boat such as the deck, cabin, and any other features. Draw a straight line across the top of the hull to represent the deck of the boat, and then add a small rectangle or square on top of the deck to represent the cabin. You can also add windows, doors, and other details to the cabin to make it look more realistic. Finally, add any additional features such as oars, a mast, or sails to complete the drawing. Don’t forget to add shading and highlights to give the boat dimension and depth.

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