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Man Drawing for kids


Today I will show you man drawing in simple steps. There are lots of steps as you can see from the image below, but don’t let this scare you.

Man Drawing
The final colored image

Man Drawing Easy

If you take a look at the above image, there are more than 10 steps and all these steps may seem a little overwhelming. Well to be honest the hardest part of the man drawing is the face part. Once you done with the face the rest is fairly easy. So don’t let this steps scare you, just take a paper, a pen and you are ready.

You can find the detailed steps below, in the mean time you can check our coloring pages too.

How to Draw a Man for Kids

Here you can find the details about each steps:

  1. Start with drawing the shape of the face.
  2. Add eyes and eyebrows of the man.
  3. Draw mouth and the nose.
  4. Draw the ears and the face is mostly ready except the hair. Drawing the face is probably the hardest part of drawing a man. So, you passed the difficult part. Well done!
  5. Add the hair of the man.
  6. This one is an easy step, draw the neck of the man.
  7. Draw the torso of the man, it is a shape close to a rectangle. It may take a few tries to draw it nicely.
  8. Add 2 arms. If you notice there isn’t any hand yet. We will add hands in a later step after legs.
  9. Another easy step I think, draw 2 legs for the man.
  10. Now we can add the hands, they are in his pockets. So, you just need to make a curve as a pocket. This is much easier than drawing hands. It can be a little difficult to draw a hand. We will probably cover that in a future tutorial.
  11. As final drawing step add 2 shoes to his feet.
  12. And the bonus step, add some details and color him the way you like.

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I wish you would have had a video explaining the steps

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