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Dig This – Drawing Puzzle Game

Dig this is a puzzle game which is all about digging your way through the dirt to carve a path for the ball to gracefully fall into the cup at the end of the level. With realistic dirt and gravity physics, this addictive digging game provides hours of gameplay. The bright colors and warm graphics make every challenge a joy to face, and solving each puzzle is immensely satisfying. As you progress through the levels, new mechanics and effects are introduced, adding to the increasing level of difficulty. From utilizing object speed to making objects collide, the game tests your intuitive thinking to find the best solution for each level. The objective is to get the balls to fall into the cups, but there’s often a trick to solve the levels. This game is a fun and challenging experience that will keep you entertained and engaged for hours. So, grab your hard hat, ready your shovel, and get digging!


here are some instructions for playing the game:

  1. Use the simple and intuitive controls to dig through the dirt and carve a path for the ball to fall into the cup at the end of the level.
  2. Your objective is to make sure that the balls successfully fall into the cups.
  3. If the balls do not fall into the cups, you lose the level and have to try again.
  4. Every level has a different challenge and may require you to use the objects’ speed, make objects collide, or use your intuitive thinking to solve the puzzle.
  5. Use your skills and creativity to find the best solution for each level.
  6. Keep playing and advancing through the levels to improve your skills and achieve high scores.
  7. Have fun and enjoy the addictive gameplay of the digging game!

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