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Fire Truck Coloring Pages – Printable

Fire trucks are one of the most interesting vehicle type for children. Especially boys love them to much. Because of this we decided to prepare some cute fire truck coloring pages for your kids. We hope that your kid will love them.

Fire truck coloring pagesFire truck coloring pages
Little firefighterLittle firefighter
Fire truck frontFire truck front
Fireman helmetFireman helmet
Extinguishing the fireExtinguishing the fire
Cute fire truckCute fire truck
Truck coloring pageTruck coloring page
Brave firemanBrave fireman
Fire truck in cityFire truck in city
Coloring book fire truckColoring book fire truck
Vehicles coloring pagesVehicles coloring pages
Truck with ladderTruck with ladder
Trucks coloring pageTrucks coloring page
Cartoon coloring pagesCartoon coloring pages
Cute fire extinguisherCute fire extinguisher
Little bear firemanLittle bear fireman
Cute fireman in fire truckCute fireman in fire truck
Cute fire truck coloring pagesCute fire truck coloring pages
Fireman axeFireman axe

We also have other vehicle coloring pages and car coloring pages. We hope that your kid will love them as well. Have fun!

Fun Facts About Fire Trucks

Fire trucks are some of the most important vehicles in the world. They play a key role in fighting fires, transporting people to and from emergency sites, and protecting life and property. Fire trucks are also among the most recognizable vehicles in the world.

The fire truck industry is a big business. The U.S. Fire Administration reports that there are nearly 2,000 fire trucks on the road in the United States today, which works out to about one truck for every 8,000 people. That’s a lot of trucks!

In addition to the big rigs, fire trucks come in many sizes and shapes and can be found on roads throughout the world.

Bumper-truck fire engines (aka pumper trucks)

These are small pumpers that are usually built on light-duty pickup truck frames. They are usually driven by volunteer firefighters and operate from small stations located near or at a scene of a fire or other emergency. Most pumper trucks have capacities of less than 10 gallons per minute (gpm) but some can deliver as much as 50 gpm if needed. Pumper trucks often carry water in hoses that connect them to hydrants located at the scene of an emergency or at a nearby station where they can be filled with water before being used to fight fires or other emergencies.

Bumper-truck pumper firefighters also use foam extinguishers called “water bottles” which they can carry on their belts and use to extinguish fires with water from their hoses when it is needed most. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that approximately 3 million pumper firefighters serve communities across America today.

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