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Turtle Coloring Pages – Printable

This time let’s discover turtles with our turtle coloring pages. It is a slow but cute animal. Everyone knows the famous story between the rabbit and the turtle I guess. They race and even the rabbit is way too faster, turtle wins the race eventually. Enough story I guess since we focus on coloring pages instead of fairy tales. Here are some cute turtles for you to color and print. Have fun!

Turtle coloring pagesTurtle coloring pages
Printable turtle coloring pagesPrintable turtle coloring pages
Sea turtle coloring pagesSea turtle coloring pages
Baby turtle coloringBaby turtle coloring
Bird sitting on turtleBird sitting on turtle
Weird looking turtleWeird looking turtle
Turtle coloring pages freeTurtle coloring pages free
Turtle shell coloring pagesTurtle shell coloring pages
Baby turtle sittingBaby turtle sitting
Turtle swimming in the seaTurtle swimming in the sea
Old turtle coloringOld turtle coloring
Snapping turtle coloring pagesSnapping turtle coloring pages
Turtle coloring pages to printTurtle coloring pages to print
Turtle speaking on phoneTurtle speaking on phone
Turtle swimming underwaterTurtle swimming underwater

You can also check our other sea animals coloring pages. For example fish coloring pages and shark coloring pages.

Fascinating Facts About Turtles

Turtles are reptiles that are found throughout the world. They can be found in warm and cold climates, and they can be found living in fresh water or salt water. The most common species of turtles are the box turtle, the American alligator turtle, the Chinese softshell turtle, and the loggerhead turtle.

Turtles have a hard shell, which protects them from predators. Their shells are made of calcium carbonate, and the shell is covered with a layer of keratin, a protein that is similar to our own hair. The shells of turtles can be found in many different colors, ranging from light to dark brown and red. They can also have stripes or bands running down their backs. The shells of turtles are quite strong, but they are not very flexible. Because of this, turtles need to rest every once in a while to allow their muscles to relax.

Turtles have four limbs that end in flippers. Their legs end in feet that help them walk and run across the ground. Their tails help them balance while they are swimming or running on the ground. Turtles use their tails for propulsion when they swim, just like humans do when we swim through the water. Their eyes are located on top of their heads so that they can see over water obstacles as well as around corners and other objects in front of them when they are swimming or walking on land. A turtle’s eyesight is good enough for them to see prey animals up to a distance of 60 feet away!

Turtles spend most of their time eating plants and vegetation that grow underwater as well as fruits and berries that grow on land. Some species even eat dead animals such as insects or fish that have died and been washed ashore by ocean waves or other large bodies of water.

A newborn turtle will hatch from egg after about 70 to 100 days. The new turtle will then spend its first months in the nest before venturing out to find food and water on its own.

The largest of all living turtles is the saltwater turtle. The largest freshwater turtles are the freshwater turtles.

Aquatic turtles are found in both fresh water and salt water. They can be found in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, swamps and other bodies of water. They use their webbed feet to swim underwater as well as on the surface of the water. Some species are able to climb trees and even enter houses through air vents or drains when necessary. Some aquatic turtles live only in fresh water while others live only in saltwater or freshwater. The largest aquatic turtle is the giant African tortoise which can reach a length of over 6 feet (1.8 meters).

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