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Graffiti Time

Graffiti Time is an exciting game that puts players in the shoes of Mr. Fat Cap, a graffiti artist who is on a mission to beautify the universe with his street art. The game takes place in various locations where the streets are dull and lifeless, and it is up to Mr. Fat Cap to bring them to life with his unique graffiti designs.

The gameplay is divided into different modes, including freehand tagging mode, where players can create their graffiti designs on a virtual wall using a variety of tools and colors. In Skateboarding race mode, players can ride the mini cruiser board and perform kickflips to earn extra money.

However, it’s not all fun and games as the streets are patrolled by robots that are trying to catch Mr. Fat Cap. Players must use their skills to sneak through the streets, avoid obstacles, and evade the robots to complete their graffiti designs successfully.

The game also features challenging extra mini-games, cool animations, and graphics that bring the world of graffiti to life. The creator of the game is a real-life graffiti artist, so players can expect authentic graffiti designs and styles.

Graffiti Time is a must-play game for all fans of the “getting up” game about the Trane writer, now available on your mobile phone. Join Mr. Fat Cap on his journey and make the streets look beautiful again with your unique graffiti designs.

How To Play:

PC: Use Arrows to Move and C to paint or enter to Tagging mode

Mobile: use on-screen buttons

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