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Monkey Coloring Pages – Printable

Coloring pages of one of the funniest animal in the world, the monkey. As always you can find some cute coloring pages to print, color online or save to your device. Have fun!

Monkey coloring pagesMonkey coloring pages
Dancing monkeyDancing monkey
Monkey listening musicMonkey listening music
Monkey hanging from woodMonkey hanging from wood
Funny looking chimpanzeeFunny looking chimpanzee
Acrobat monkeyAcrobat monkey
Monkey riding bikeMonkey riding bike
Astronaut monkeyAstronaut monkey
Cute monkey faceCute monkey face
Printable monkey coloring pagePrintable monkey coloring page
Baby monkey eating bananaBaby monkey eating banana
Cute little monkeyCute little monkey
Funny monkey coloringFunny monkey coloring
Swinging monkeySwinging monkey
Funny looking monkeyFunny looking monkey
Hilarious monkey coloringHilarious monkey coloring
Monkey Coloring BookMonkey Coloring Book
Sitting MonkeySitting Monkey
Dabbing monkeyDabbing monkey
Monkey pointing somewhereMonkey pointing somewhere
Funny monkey in forestFunny monkey in forest
Dancing little monkeyDancing little monkey
Cute baby coloring pageCute baby coloring page
Cute baby monkeyCute baby monkey
Monkey face coloringMonkey face coloring
Jumping monkeyJumping monkey
Smiling monkey faceSmiling monkey face
Monkey face coloring pageMonkey face coloring page
Handsome monkeyHandsome monkey
Printable monkey coloring bookPrintable monkey coloring book
Funny monkey faceFunny monkey face
Monkey face realisticMonkey face realistic

Fun Facts About Monkeys

Monkeys are primates, and there are over 100 species of monkey. They make up about one-fifth of all primate species. Monkeys are found in Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

The common names of the different monkey species are as follows:

Apes (apex meaning “ape”) – includes the gibbon, orangutan, gorilla and chimpanzee.

Cebidae (cebids means “little ape” in Latin) – includes the baboon and macaque.

Cercopithecidae (cercopithecid means “toothed ape” in Latin) – includes the colobus, guenon, langur, macaque, mangabey, and tamarin. The genus Cercopithecus is sometimes included with this group. These are commonly called monkeys.

Colobinae (colobine means “dove-tailed monkey” in Latin) – includes the mongoose and siamang. This is a very small group of animals found mainly in Southeast Asia and Africa. They have tails that curve like a dove’s beak. The name Colobus comes from Colobos (“doves”), which was given to these animals because of their beaks. The name siamang comes from Siamoang (“doves”). These are also known as langurs.

Homininae (hominid means “manlike” in Latin) – includes the baboon and chimpanzee. This is a large group of primates found mostly in Africa but also some species found elsewhere such as Senegal and Madagascar.

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