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Whale Coloring Pages – Printable

After adding many sea animals to our website, it is time to add another one: the whales. Whale coloring pages is a good way for your kid to learn about different sea animals and have fun at the same time. We gather some nice whale images for you to color online, print or download to your computer. You can also check our shark coloring pages and cute dolphin coloring pages too. Have fun!

Whale Coloring PagesWhale Coloring Pages
Whale Coloring PagesCute whale and friends
Whale Coloring PagesHappy whale
Whale Coloring PagesWhale in the ocean
Whale Coloring PagesCute baby whale
Whale Coloring PagesWhale and octopus
Whale Coloring PagesSmiling whale coloring page
Whale Coloring PagesSleeping whale
Whale Coloring PagesFairy tale whale
Whale Coloring PagesCute little whale
Whale Coloring PagesUnicorn whale
Whale Coloring PagesWhale swimming coloring page
Whale Coloring PagesCute smiling whale
Whale Coloring PagesWhale deep in the sea
Whale Coloring PagesWord W for whale
Whale Coloring PagesWeird looking whale
Whale Coloring PagesPrintable whale coloring page
Whale Coloring PagesCute whale jumping
Whale Coloring PagesWhale on the surface
Whale Coloring PagesWhale with big eyes
Whale Coloring PagesFishes and a whale

Interesting Facts About Whales

Whales are amazing creatures. They are one of the most intelligent animals on earth. Here’s some information about whales you may find useful when planning your next trip to a beach.

Whales are mammals. They have the same number of chromosomes as humans (23) and many of the same organs as us. They breathe air and eat food like we do.

There are about 20 species of whale, but only four species can be found in the North Atlantic: Blue, Bowhead, Fin and Right Whale. All whales are mammals. The only exception is Orca, which is actually a fish and not a mammal.

Whales have been around for at least 40 million years but they have evolved into a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Some whales can weigh over 50 tons while a bowhead whale can weigh almost twice as much! The largest known animal on earth is an extinct whale called Megalodon that was found in the Pacific Ocean off California in 1992. It weighed over 100 tons!

Whales are highly intelligent creatures that are well adapted to their environment. They spend most of their lives swimming in large groups called pods or schools or flocks (which can include both male and female whales). These pods travel along together at great speeds with other whales swimming behind them using echolocation to navigate through underwater tunnels called baleens (which look like long hair). Some pods may travel up to 30 miles per hour for days at a time! These groups are very important to whales because they help protect them from predators such as sharks by warning each other when danger is near.

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