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Teddy Bear Drawing in 6 Easy Steps

Cute teddy bear drawing for kids of all age. Just grab a paper, a pen and you are ready to go. They are soft and too sweet, kids love to play with them.

The teddy bear is a cute and cuddly animal that is loved by children around the world. If you have never drawn a teddy bear before, it can be a bit tricky to start. We will show you how to draw a teddy bear in the simplest possible way. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a teddy bear step by step. You will also learn how to draw different kinds of teddy bears such as: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear’s face, head, legs, ears.

Teddy Bear Drawing Video Tutorial

Teddy Bear Drawing Step by Step

Teddy Bear Drawing
Teddy bear drawing in 6 simple steps

You can also color the teddy bear online. Check our teddy bear coloring pages.

Teddy Bear Drawing Steps Explained

  1. Draw the face shape of the bear.
  2. Add the details to the face; ears, nose and mouth area.
  3. Add eyes, eyebrow and mouth.
  4. Draw the body and draw 2 symmetrical arms.
  5. Drawing the foot maybe a little difficult. They are probably the most detailed part.
  6. Draw the other foot.

Start with the head shape. Draw a circle for the head and make the top of the head slightly smaller than the bottom of the head. Then draw two ears on both sides of the head with a triangle shape for each ear. Make sure that you leave space between each ear so that it looks like one big ear rather than two small ones. The eyes should be placed in the middle of each ear and are represented by circles with dots inside them. For the nose you can use an oval shape or an upside down triangle shape as seen in our drawing below. The mouth should be open so that it looks like a smile when we draw it later on in this tutorial.

Now add details to your teddy bear such as hair, fur and paws. You can start drawing hair by using one or two lines for hair strands which are going from top to bottom across your canvas. For fur make sure to use short strokes which go from left to right across your canvas. The paws should look like little balls that are connected by short lines on both sides.

That’s all it takes for teddy bear drawing. Don’t forget checking out our other drawing tutorials too. We will planning on adding more step by step tutorial like this one in the future.

More About Teddy Bear Drawing

Teddy bears are a beloved childhood toy and a popular subject for drawing and art projects. With their soft, cuddly appearance and friendly faces, teddy bears make for a charming and endearing subject that is perfect for people of all ages. Whether you are an experienced artist looking to create a detailed and realistic depiction of a teddy bear, or a beginner who is just starting to learn how to draw, there are plenty of ways to capture the essence of these beloved stuffed animals on paper.

One of the keys to drawing a teddy bear is to pay attention to its proportions. Teddy bears are typically round and plump, with short, stubby legs and a round head. When drawing a teddy bear, it can be helpful to start by sketching out the basic shape of the body, using circles and ovals to indicate the head, body, and limbs. From there, you can add in the details, such as the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.

Another important aspect of drawing a teddy bear is getting the expression right. Teddy bears are known for their sweet and gentle faces, so it’s important to capture this in your drawing. You can achieve this by drawing the eyes and mouth in a soft, gentle way, using curved lines and avoiding sharp angles.

There are many different styles of teddy bear drawing, ranging from realistic to cartoon-like. Depending on your preference and skill level, you can choose a style that suits you best. If you are just starting out, you might want to try a more simplified, cartoon-like approach, using simple shapes and bold lines to create your drawing. As you become more comfortable with drawing teddy bears, you can try adding more details and textures to your drawings, such as fur or clothing.

Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner, teddy bear drawing can be a fun and rewarding activity. So why wait? Grab your pencils and get drawing today!

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