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Bear Coloring Pages – Printable

The bear coloring pages is a good way for your kid to develop motor skills and have fun at the same time. As always we gather some of the cutest coloring pages for you to download, print or color online. We are going to add more items to the list in the coming days, so don’t forget checking our website time to time. Here is the list, have fun!

Bear coloring pagesBear coloring pages
Bear the cookBear the cook
Running fat bearRunning fat bear
Cute fat bearCute fat bear
Bear coloring bookBear coloring book
Sailor bear coloringSailor bear coloring
Realistic bear coloring pageRealistic bear coloring page
Bear cooking meal with fireBear cooking meal with fire
Motor rider bearMotor rider bear
Bear eating honeyBear eating honey
Bear coloring sheetBear coloring sheet
Teddy bear coloring pageTeddy bear coloring page
Bear likes balloonsBear likes balloons
Canoeing bearCanoeing bear
Bear in the spaceBear in the space
Pilot bearPilot bear
Bear jumping with parachuteBear jumping with parachute
Astronaute bear coloringAstronaute bear coloring
Brown bear coloring pagesBrown bear coloring pages
Gummy bear coloring pagesGummy bear coloring pages
Chief bear coloringChief bear coloring
Constructor bearConstructor bear
Cute baby bear in eggCute baby bear in egg
Baby bear holding balloonBaby bear holding balloon
Bear coloring pages printableBear coloring pages printable
Sleeping cute bearSleeping cute bear
Baby bear hanging on moonBaby bear hanging on moon
Cute bear sleeping on moonCute bear sleeping on moon
Bear likes moonBear likes moon
Basketball player bearBasketball player bear
Cute bear using laptopCute bear using laptop
Panda bear coloring pagesPanda bear coloring pages
Bears in the wildBears in the wild
Cute bear sleeping on branchCute bear sleeping on branch
Bear the coast guardBear the coast guard
Bear with a maskBear with a mask
Bear holding traffic signBear holding traffic sign
Mechanic bear coloringMechanic bear coloring
Bear playing with ballBear playing with ball
Care bear coloring pagesCare bear coloring pages
Bear likes drinking coffeeBear likes drinking coffee
Bear holding a cup of teaBear holding a cup of tea
Baby bear likes the ballBaby bear likes the ball
Cute bear opening presentCute bear opening present
Koala bear coloring pagesKoala bear coloring pages
Coloring pages of pooh bearColoring pages of pooh bear
Cute baby bear sittingCute baby bear sitting
Polar bear coloring pagesPolar bear coloring pages
Warrior teddy bearWarrior teddy bear
Bear holding a pencilBear holding a pencil
Bear in the forestBear in the forest
Bees are chasing cute bearBees are chasing cute bear
Bear going to surfBear going to surf
Bear waiting for busBear waiting for bus
Bear the tow truck driverBear the tow truck driver
Sailor bear coloringSailor bear coloring
Bear driving carBear driving car
Berenstain bear coloring pagesBerenstain bear coloring pages
Baby bear coloring pagesBaby bear coloring pages
Cute little baby bearCute little baby bear
Little boy wearing bear costumeLittle boy wearing bear costume
Bear speaking to birdBear speaking to bird
Little girl likes teddy bearLittle girl likes teddy bear
Artist bearArtist bear
Smokey bear coloring pagesSmokey bear coloring pages
Yogi bear coloring pagesYogi bear coloring pages
Bear writing a letterBear writing a letter

Bear Coloring Pages for Kids

We have listed some of the best coloring pages which are very helpful to get ideas for your kids’ projects. You can use these pages as a source to get your kids’ projects done with great quality. Our site is easy to use that doesn’t require any coding or graphics experience. All you need is a good internet connection and a computer.

Have you ever wondered about the little bear who comes in the winter and hibernates? We have too! So, we thought of creating coloring pages on these cute bears. We added some great images of bears that can be colored and printed.

This is a great gift for any animal lover! It’s very cute and the print is a size that will look good on anyone. You can print this image as a wall art or you can even get it printed on a mug, t-shirt, mousepad etc. You can also get it framed in black and white, white and blue or any other combination that you like.

Amazing Facts About Bears

Bears are usually found in the forests and mountains. Bears are omnivores. The main foods of bears are meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries. They use their paws to dig for food. Bears have a short snout with large eyes. Their fur is brownish-black in color with white under the chin and black around the eyes and ears. They have large paws with claws. Their back legs are longer than their front legs. The fur on the bear’s back is coarse and stiff while its tail is short and hairy.

The family of bears consists of two groups: Ursidae and Mustelidae. The group known as Ursidae includes the bears, called “tigers” in many languages including English, along with several other species that are not as dangerous to humans as the polar bear or grizzly bear. Other members of this group include the polar bear, Kodiak bear, black bear (Ursus americanus), brown bear (Ursus arctos), sloth bear (Melursus ursinus), sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) and spectacled bears (Tremarctos ornatus).

The Asiatic black bears found in India belong to the subfamily Melinae. They have a very long snout compared to other members of this subfamily. They also have large eyes compared to their size; their eyes measure between 55-65mm in diameter compared to 45-55mm in diameter in other members of this subfamily. They have a relatively long neck which is shorter than their body length. This means they can easily be caught when climbing trees or feeding on fruits from trees.

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