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Rainbow Coloring Pages – Free Printable

Rainbow coloring pages are one of the favorite subjects for kids’ most sought after coloring pages both by parents and with many parents across the globe still looking for printable free online rainbow coloring pages. Kids love to color and draw rainbows because their natural, colorful yet easy look makes it easy to depict them on paper. These days, you can find hundreds of websites offering thousands of different kinds of rainbow coloring pages. You can get your kids a fun way of coloring while enjoying the benefits of saving money in the process.

Simple rainbow coloringSimple rainbow coloring
Curvy Clouds with rainbowCurvy Clouds with rainbow
Cloudy RainbowsCloudy Rainbows
 Rainbow with Hearths Rainbow with Hearths
Rainbow Behind StarsRainbow Behind Stars
Flowers over the skyFlowers over the sky
Sunny rainbow coloringSunny rainbow coloring
Rainbow behind mountainsRainbow behind mountains
Rainbow behind citysceneRainbow behind cityscene
Air balloons with rainbowAir balloons with rainbow

Online Rainbow Coloring Pages

To create your rainbow coloring pages, start out by purchasing some good coloring pencils that come in various colors. You can find pencils in every color under the sun. It is recommended that you use a variety of different colors so that your child’s artwork will be unique. Also, these pencils are cheap and are available at many discount stores. Get a few color pencils along with some glitter glue, a little bit of water, and some latex gloves. Let your kid have fun coloring with these simple supplies.

yellow sunflower with leaves
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Get some paper and glue that come from a craft store or a craft shop. Color and draw your rainbow coloring pages using your colored pencils. Make sure that you start with the basic colors like red, blue, yellow, and green before you add any other colors. You can use glitter glue and glue for extra details on your rainbows. This can save you a fortune at the craft store.

Now that you have your colored pencils and crayons, you can get your kids a fun activity that they will love. Let them play with the different colors of crayons until they get tired. After they are finished, get some paper and draw different designs on it. Then get your kids an old backpack to carry their coloring pages around in.

Your kids will have so much fun drawing their own designs that you will not even be able to hear them when they are done. Keep some coloring books in the backpack and turn the pages during your quiet time. That way, your kids will have their quiet time to do their coloring pages while you are busy doing other things. This is also a good way to get your kids involved in some arts and crafts.

Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages

You can print your own rainbow coloring pages on pretty cards if you want. There are some awesome coloring pages that you can print out right to your computer. Find some printable at your local office supply store. Or, if you are feeling creative, try making your own printable rainbow coloring pages.

You can find printable rainbow coloring pages that have many different themes. Even you can find ones that have animals in them. You can also find printable rainbow coloring pages that have nature scenes or fun characters. Whatever your child likes, there is sure to be a printable rainbow coloring page that fits that particular theme.

crop field under rainbow and cloudy skies at dayime
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Your little tyke will love how much fun they can have colored these rainbow coloring pages. They will spend hours coloring and reshaping the pictures that they have made. Your kid’s face will light up when they see their first printable rainbow coloring pages. It will also give you more time to focus on other things like getting them lunch from school or doing chores.

If you want printable rainbow coloring pages that are not just fun for your child to color but also fun for you as well, you might consider using the printable animal art supplies. The printable animal art supplies are great because not only do you get to color your own animals but you get to color them in a special kind of ink that is specially made just for coloring. The printable animal art supplies come with everything you need to make your own animal kingdom. There are rainbow wings, rainbow ears, rainbow noses, and rainbow tails.

More About Rainbows

Another thing to consider is the printable coloring sheets that have rainbows in them. These are perfect for coloring during the holidays. There are so many fun colors to choose from including the popular colors of red, green, and blue. With these colorful rainbows in your home, your kids can spend hours of fun coloring. There are so many creative uses to these coloring sheets.

You might consider using the printable animal coloring sheets to make notepads, invitations, notepads for your children’s school projects, and even holiday cards and pictures for your friends. Finally, there is also the opportunity to print your own rainbow coloring pages using the printable crayons. You will be glad to know that there are affordable crayons that look just like the brand you buy at the store that is available online. The crayons are water-resistant and stain proof. These crayons are so realistic-looking that they are perfect for coloring even if you are coloring at work because they would pass for paint.

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