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Sea Creatures Coloring Pages – Printable

We gather some cute sea creatures coloring pages for your kid. Here are them:

Sea Creatures Coloring PagesSea Creatures Coloring Pages
Octopus Coloring PageOctopus Coloring Page
Sea Turtle Coloring PageSea Turtle Coloring Page
Snail Coloring PageSnail Coloring Page
Oyster Coloring PageOyster Coloring Page
Crab Coloring PageCrab Coloring Page
Star Coloring PageStar Coloring Page
Sea Creature Coloring PageSea Creature Coloring Page
Cute Octopus Coloring Page Cute Octopus Coloring Page

Sea Creatures: What Are They and How Do They Live?

Sea creatures, also called marine animals, are animals that live in the sea. They include fish, molluscs, crustaceans etc…

The animals in this page are found in the oceans of the world. They are not found in fresh water, nor do they live on land. The oceans cover most of the surface of the Earth. They are divided into several large regions. For example:

Arctic Ocean: This ocean is located north of the Arctic Circle. It is surrounded by land on all sides except the North Pole. It includes Greenland and Iceland.

Antarctic Ocean: This ocean is located south of the Antarctic Circle. It also has a land border on all sides except for Antarctica’s southernmost tip. The Antarctic is covered by ice year round, and it contains some of Earth’s lowest temperatures and highest pressure levels. The ocean floor slopes down toward Antarctica at a steep angle, and water from this area flows out into the surrounding seas via a series of submarine valleys called subduction zones. The southern end of this ocean is bordered by Africa and South America; it extends north to New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia (the Malay Peninsula), Thailand (the Malay Peninsula), Taiwan (Formosa), Philippines (Luzon), Vietnam (Cambodia) and China (Yunnan). In 2010 scientists discovered evidence that two major earthquakes occurred under the sea floor around Antarctica which may have caused tsunamis.

Also don’t forget to check out our fish coloring pages too. Have fun!

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